Miu the Bunny
Sometimes she just sits next to me :3
Miu with her “I want treats” face.
A lot of people thought she was dead in this photo.
NOPE. Just sleeping. It’s not unusual to find her like this in the morning ^^
After a hard days work of being a bunny, Miu continues to guard her food bowl.

Welcome to Miu’s blog!
I guess we should start with who Miu is ^^

Miu is a Blue Tort Miniature Lop bunny who currently resides in England, UK.
She was born at my home in Buckinghamshire on a sunny afternoon at 1pm on 16th of September 2011 along with 4 of her siblings (3 sisters and 1 brother).
When she was 3 weeks old she developed a potassium deficiency which meant she needed extra care, from then on I decided she would stay with me, not only was she adorable but she bonded to me.
In June, she and I moved to Stafford to live with her human dad, followed by her bunmum and my other rabbits in August and we have been here ever since!

It’s blog is to keep to up to date on current events and the adventures of Miu. As well to spam bunny people with lots of cute pictures of her squishy little face :3